You Know You’re Back Up North …

Snowfall 04232017

  • You know you’re back up North when you’re wearing thermals in late April.
  • You know you’re back up North when you hear the North wind howling outside in late April.
  • You know you’re back up North when your weather forecast for the next few days has the chance of snow – accumulation of such – in late April.
  • You know you’re back up North when you’re posting photos of snow on your blog!

No complaints about any of those things.  I’m sleeping very well.  My body is physically much happier here.  My soul is much happier here.  “Content” is the word that applies, I think. 

We’re on our “Saturday night” this evening, and we’re winding down a nice day.  Ran a few errands together this morning, including a trip to Home Depot.  I think it may well have been 2 years since we’ve done that together.  Nice. Then it was back home, where Dave put together his computer space and I spent time in the kitchen with the slow cooker going as part of our meal for tomorrow and the work week, and then made quesadillas for our dinner.  Again, nice.

I’ve been having fun finding more “treasures” that have been packed away for much too long while living in our RV.

Bear candle 04232017

Rock stash 04232017

Tomorrow we may just watch it snow and begin hanging things on the walls.  I’m digging having my “weird” stuff out in the Light again.  Not sure yet where my hoop drums will hang, but I’m looking forward to having them on display and truly in my presence again.  Who knows?  One of these days I might even find a drum circle around here.  There’s plenty of time for that.

It was our first full work week for both of us.  We seem to be settling in rather seamlessly, which is a relief.  Not that I had any concerns, really, but one never knows when one relocates to a new area.   You know what?  Today was our first “Saturday” that felt like what I think a “normal” weekend day should feel.  Wee shopping errands together, home projects, cooking, actually eating together, chilling out watching a Netflix program.  Relaxing.  Yeah, it had been a tough couple of years …

What do you think of the new format here?  I found myself struggling a bit to read this the other evening in the old theme colors.  I prefer a darker background color for photographs, but I’m finding this easier on the eyes to read.  We’ll see …

A cross-country relocation is a massive undertaking, and I’m not just talking about the trip.  There are so many things to see about like address changes, new driver’s licenses, finding out where things are in your new hometown, etc.  We located the recycle station last week and I picked up driver’s manuals so we can study for our tests. 

Oh!  Friends in Texas are selling their 2006 Nuwa Hitchhiker 5th wheel.  If you’re in the market for a nice, well-maintained RV, take a stroll over to their listing on RVTrader and check it out.   They are preparing to move back onto their sailboat, “Raven,” and take up life on the seas once again after a few years of living on land.  Sound interesting?  Follow their adventures at Raven’s Cruise Log.  I do!  Gosh, I’ve known Hilde and David for … forever.  Hilde and I not long ago were trying to recall how and when we met back in Texas.  Seems like each of us  was just “always there” for one another.   Good friends, good times, good memories.  Those, too, are treasures that belong in the Light.

Hard to believe it’s already 10:30.  Geez, where does the time go when one is blogging with groovy tunes in one’s ears? 

Hope you have many treasures basking in the Light …

Thanks for stopping by!    Be safe out there, okay?


It’s Not That I Don’t Want to Blog . . .

. . . it’s just that I usually don’t have the creativity or energy to do so after working or even on my days off.

“Why not?” you ask.

Well, this afternoon and evening I worked on five different blog posts as part of my responsibilities for one of my clients.  That includes formatting, proofing, editing when necessary, inserting images, composing lead-in “teasers,” SEO and so on.

Yes, folks, I’m blog-faced.

So, you see, by the time I wrap up a day’s work doing that or even close out a “typical” day at 10 PM or so, I’m spent. 

Your next question is, “What’s in a typical day?”

A typical day in the life of this virtual assistant may include, in no particular order:

  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • Tracking and enrolling students using a variety of programs/platforms
  • Developing/updating procedures
  • Processing/composing/responding to emails of various natures
  • Preparing reports
  • Skype with client
  • Special projects, most recently background administrative assistance with a conference
  • Updating web analytics
  • Data input/revision on two different CRM platforms
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Web research
  • Spreadsheet creation and maintenance
  • Using Adobe in document conversion, editing, combination of files, upload, etc..
  • Uploading documents to platforms
  • Phone meetings with client
  • MailChimp
  • Various task management/sharing platforms
  • Blog work – not just the posts
  • Maintenance of various databases and systems (if I named ‘em all it would take a while)
  • Social media – maintenance, development, reporting, posting
  • Communicating with vendors on behalf of my client
  • Keeping my clients on track towards achievement of their tasks, goals and projects

I usually have about a gazillion tabs open in Windows on my laptop.

Oh heck, I know I’m leaving out things, but I think that gives you the flavor of what my work day may look like.

Yes, that can be in one day.  Yep.  Indeed.  Cool, eh?


No complaints at all, mind you.  My days are varied at a lively pace and, while many of my responsibilities are now routine, there are daily “brain exercises” in problem solving, creativity, procedural development and the like to keep my gray cells happily ticking over.  I have been exposed to so many new programs, platforms, apps, etc. over the past several months . . . it’s great!  I have learned, and am still learning, so many new things.

That being said, I like the weekends, especially Sunday.  I’m off Tuesday/Wednesday and my clients are off on Saturday/Sunday.  There may be some interaction with either or both of them on Saturday now and then, but Sunday is usually a quiet day in that regard.  It’s a great time for me to catch up or work on projects which I find easier to tackle with “quiet time,” such as the blog posts today. 

I’m fortunate to provide services to two great clients who are flexible, who expect results but who in no way apply any stress, are willing to delegate (and sometimes eager, even – apparently they think I’m trainable – haha!), patient with my questions, and who I enjoy on both a professional and personal level.

So I look up and it’s 10:30 PM.  Egads.  Just about time for me to take a shower before Dave gets off work and heads home at about 11 PM. 

By the time my work day starts to wind down, I’m just done, as in stick a fork in me done.  All I want to do is step away from my desk and laptop, and let my brain veg out a bit, spend a bit of time with Dave when he gets home while we both wind down and then toddle off to blankies and wee doggie.

So there you have it, a bit of “Why I Don’t Blog Much These Days.” 

Thanks for stopping by!  Ya’ll be safe out there, okay?  It’s a crazy world we live in.



Been Keeping Busy, As Usual

Seems I either don’t have the time or the creative energy to blog these days.  Both of those commodities are being put to use in other ways and, when I have “down” time, it’s spent with Dave enjoying our Tuesday/Wednesday evenings relaxing our brains and bodies watching some previously selected Netflix programs.  Our latest was Last Tango in Halifax.  I take some Sunday evenings, such as this one, to catch up on things around the house, do yoga, organize my work area and projects for the coming week (read restore some order to the chaos resulting from the week winding down), clip and/or bathe Maggie and perhaps even gasp blog. 

I find if I do not take the time for personal creativity now and then, my temperament suffers both internally and externally. 

I was fortunate to be an advance reader of Paradise Down, the latest work of author Donna B. McNicol.   Paradise Down is now available on Kindle at Amazon.  It’s an entertaining whodunit set in Hawaii and, as usual, Donna delivers an enjoyable read.  You can visit Donna’s author website here to explore her other works, including The Klondike Mysteries.  I’ve read all of those, and hope there will be more in that series.  Ahem, Donna, nudge, nudge.

On Tuesday, I took the truck for a wee run up the road once again to Hearne.  My plan was to check out the Ace Hardware in downtown.  Gotta love Ace Hardware, ya know.

Hearne TX 05242016

   Downtown Hearne, a virtual ghost town on a Tuesday afternoon

I did prowl the Ace, a thrift store that had seen better days, a wee antique-type shop and Wilson Drugs.  Wilson is still a functioning pharmacy with gift items towards the front of the store.  I confess the cow portrait paintings captured my spirit and fancy and . . . one of these days I just might make a return visit for one of the smaller versions.  I expected outlandish price tags but was pleasantly surprised and, well, they made me smile.  Good vibes and all that, ya know.  Cow energy is totally groovy.  Trust me.  I’ve hung out with cows.

Once again, it was a rejuvenating outing for my Spirit – me, Truck, tunes and the open highway.  I think these wee expeditions nourish my independent Warrior Spirit.   

Thursday was the day of torrential storms and the tornado touchdown you have heard about in Bryan, TX.  That touchdown was perhaps five miles south of us, just a couple of exits down Highway 6 that runs by the park here.  Dave, Maggie and I joined others at the nearby restroom building here in the park for a while when the winds picked up and, well, it just didn’t feel “right” outside. 

I can’t describe that feeling to you other than it didn’t feel “right” and I knew we needed to get out of the rig.

Aggieland RV Park Bryan Flood 2 05262016

This drainage ditch in the park is typically empty.  This is looking out toward Hwy 6.

Aggieland RV Park Bryan Flood 05262016

Same ditch, facing the other way.  Tops of the culvert pipes are barely visible.  Those pipes are big enough for me to comfortably crawl into still relatively upright.  That’s a lot of fast-moving water, folks.

Even after the imminent tornado threat had passed, we were still under one tornado warning after another pretty much throughout the day.  Dave was scheduled for work but ultimately called in an absence due to severe weather.  Bryan and College Station PDs were telling people to stay off the roads, emergency vehicle sirens were heard constantly, there were reports of cars off the roads, roads were flooded and so it went all day.  The storms continued throughout the day; the rain was biblical, torrential.  In short, it was nuts.

With one ear and eye on weather conditions and Dave at home, I accomplished very little work on Thursday.  I’m grateful for understanding clients.

Speaking of work, one of these days I’ll share with you the sometime insanity that is a day in the life of a virtual assistant.  It’s actually a fun state of madness, and I’m grateful for clients who are both professional and a pleasure and for work that is stimulating both mentally and creatively.  I get a kick out of having a full day’s schedule and that feeling of “Yes!” when I tackle and conquer a new process or complete a project.  I experienced that this week in compiling procedures for a process, finalizing that document in collaboration with my client and then implementing those procedures for the first time.  The feeling of accomplishment is sweet.

It was a bittersweet week with anniversaries of the passings of two of my favorite people . . .

Karen and me camping

Me on the left and Karen on the right, camping “back in the day”

Cousin by blood, big sister and soulmate by hearts, Karen passed seven years ago on the 26th of May.   She was the wind beneath my wings throughout my life and remains so to this day.  I think I will always miss her.  I hope I will always feel her presence.

Dad and Texas Raiders

Dad with “Texas Raiders,” the B-17 he helped restore back in the late 1970s/1980s.  The B-17 was scheduled to be in College Station as part of her current tour, but has rescheduled for June due to weather.  I’ll go see her then and give her a hug.  It was aboard her that I dispersed Dad’s cremains in September 1997.  She’s a special lady.

It was 19 years ago yesterday, the 28th of May, when Dad “went West.”  We shared a special bond, as many fathers and daughters do, I suppose.  He instilled in me a love and appreciation of Nature and wildlife, photography and flying things, to name a few.  Over the years while I was growing up, he taught me how to be independent from the practical – such as changing a flat tire – to the spiritual of being content with one’s self and not dependent on another for one’s happiness.  He’s also “to blame” for passing along the nomadic genes I carry.

It was a week of smiles and, yes, misty eyes on occasion.  It was a week of a full heart. 

I apologize for the small font size.  I have attempted several times to change the size in this post with no success.  I’m composing in Open Live Writer, so perhaps it’s a glitch within the program.  Ugh. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Ya’ll stay safe out there, okay?




A Quiet Weekend for Me

Well, sort of. 

With my work caught up, I have been doing some spring cleaning.  Mini blinds, cabinets, you name it, I’ve been tackling it.  I would have preferred to have had more billable hours this week, but decided to put the slack time to good use.  I’m learning to go with the flow of this type of work, much as I did when a home-based medical transcriptionist years ago.  There will be times like this when it’s slower and then wham! I’ll get slammed and be elbow-deep in tasks.  Being adaptable, not becoming stressed during the slow times and using those periods to tackle other projects. 

Other projects . . . hmmmmm.  You’ll notice nudge, nudge there is a new page tab at the top of this blog.  Okay, there are two new tabs after a bit of tweaking.  If you click on Journey Over to My Amazon Store up there or right here, a new window will open and there you are! You’ll find a selection of books and music in different categories, some RV essentials (including The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz) and a taste of Scotland in case you have a hankering for that bonnie land.  It is very much a work in progress; in fact, I just published it only today.  That’s a reason to check back now and then to see what has been added nudge nudge.

You can also click on Enter the Main Amazon Site or right here.  That will take you to – you guessed it – the main Amazon portal where you can browse and shop for all sorts of goodies and your purchases will be applied to my associate account.

Yeah, see what happens when I have time off from working?  Ha!

Perhaps you’ve seen the Jesse Stone movies starring Tom Selleck, but have you read the books by Robert B. Parker?  I have, and enjoyed the fact that they delved deeper into the various characters.  I’ve included the first one, Night Passage, in my store.  It’s a darned good read.

I think we’re pretty much done with the rain for now, and I’m grateful we were spared the severe storms.  Still, we had a couple of icky days off Tuesday and Wednesday.

I’m loving my new desk chair.  It’s quite comfortable and fits me just fine.  Call me Goldilocks.

It’s that time of year again (but doesn’t it feel earlier?) when we move our clocks one hour ahead tonight.  Well, in the morning, actually.  I think the older I get, the more I don’t think it’s really necessary.  Of course, that holds true of several things . . .

So don’t forget to turn the hands of time a bit ahead before you snuggle under the blankies tonight, or in the morning when you arise, or even at the assigned time in the wee hours of the morning if you happen to be up and about.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you’re having a great weekend!



What Day Is It?

The nature of the work I’m doing these days usually has me able to keep up with the date, but the day of the week sometimes escapes me.

A month has passed since my last post.  I’m pretty sure that’s a record.  We haven’t been doing anything but working, keeping the household ticking over and indulging in relaxing on our days off.

No complaints, though, really.  It’s just routine, and we’re grateful to be working.

Dave’s days off for the past few weeks have been Sundays and Thursdays, so our weeks have been a bit disjointed.  He grabs some bike time and some kickin’ back time (which usually includes dozing in his recliner) on days off.  We, or I, go out for groceries usually on Sundays.  I’ve spent a few of those days off cooking – for our partaking that day and concoctions for him to take as dinner at work.  We have decadently indulged in carry-out pizza a couple of times.  With him on a Sunday-off schedule, we have been able to catch most of this season’s Downton Abbey together. 

Brakes and oil change 01282016

On the lift at College Station Ford

Our truck was due for an oil change and systems check, so I spent one Thursday at the local Ford dealer.  Turns out the truck needed a brake job on the front, so I went ahead and had that done while there.  College Station Ford has a Quick Lane for oil changes, etc.  I was dubious at first, but it really was a no-wait situation.  Drove up, checked in and they got to work.  I was pleased with the experience all the way around.  Okay, it turned out to be a bit more of a whammy to the wallet, but I had known for a while the brakes would need servicing at some point in the near future, and this turned out to be it.  The back ones will need it before long, and we’d have them done before we’d hit the road with the rig on a long trip.  Just can’t take a chance with things like brakes – or anything, really – on the truck.  As Dave said, it’s our lifeline . . . for work, for moving our home, etc.  Gotta keep Truck happy and safe.

I tell ya, my two clients are keeping me busy, and I’m loving it!  I received a raise from one and my responsibilities with that client continue to grow.  My second client seems to be pleased with my work, and our relationship continues to become more comfortable as we get in a groove of working together.  I enjoy both clients and the work I’m doing, and I appreciate the opportunities with both.   The money comes in handy, too!  Yes, it’s turned into a “real” job; last week I logged 28 hours between the two.

Having worked from home for years in previous careers, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to do this again, albeit in different roles from before, this time around as an administrative assistant to both clients.  Seriously.  Trust me, I’m very thankful opportunities are out there for the finding and that I have marketable skill sets and related experience.  I’m grateful that I don’t have to go outside our home for work, that I’m making decent money, that I’m doing work which keeps my brain active and . . . I’m loving what I do!

Morning sunbathing 01222016

Maggie morning sunbathing.  She really enjoys this spot.

Although we have been stationary for periods much longer than the almost three months we have been here at Aggieland RV Park, this is the longest we have remained in an RV park.  I have had conversations with a two neighbor women, one who also works from home on their family business, and another who invited me to get together for walks when the weather becomes nicer.  We have seen some “interesting” human behavior but, all in all, this is a peaceful place.  The aforementioned behavior is typically exhibited by weekenders, not the long-term folks in residence.

While I’m typing this, one of my clients just added files to my Dropbox.  Yoinks!  Next project.  Sweet!  Never a dull moment.  Speaking of never a dull moment . . .

Faucet mishap 02102016

Impromptu fountain this afternoon.  The front end of our rig is peeking out from behind the Class A on the left side of the photo.

One of the two guys in the 5th wheel to the left of the “fountain” ran over the water connection in the empty site on their door side with his big pickup.  I heard a crrrrrraaack! and then the sound of rushing water.  Oops.  Park owner got plumbers out pronto and they fixed this, but it was rather impressive for a while. 

Who knew living in an RV park was so exciting?

We usually don’t have anyone parked beside us, but there is a rally of Class A rigs this coming weekend, so I think the short-term area (where we are even though we’re long-term) will be packed.  Those two Class A’s in the above photo arrived a few days early prior to the coming rally.

Dave felt rather punky a couple of days last week and I got hit with it yesterday, continuing into today.  Bones hurting, headache, bit of an upset tummy, low-grade fever and just feeling blah.  Not enough to go to bed, but enough to find me dozing in my recliner yesterday morning.  That’s unusual; napping after getting up?  Bizarre.  Still rough today, but work was pretty much caught up so I’ve had an easy day.  Tomorrow’s a day off, so hopefully I’ll kick this bug quickly and be feeling chipper again Friday.

Today was a gorgeous day out, but we’ve had numerous blustery ones lately.  Ugh.  It’s a rather open area here, so I think it is going to be windy here more often than not.  Oh well.  Thank goodness we’re on a concrete site with a patio and concrete streets when it rains!

Until Dave gets two consecutive days off each week, our life revolves around our work with a bit of chillin’ when we can.  We are ever hopeful that a security assignment may come up; we enjoy that work, find that we enjoy our solitude after being around people more lately and that our temperaments are suited to the responsibilities that come with those assignments. 

In the meantime, we’re hanging in!

Thanks for stopping by!  There’s no spell check, so excuse any errors!

Maggie silly

Maggie silliness

Yes, I’m Still Here and This is a Long One

I totally bailed out of the WordPress Blogging 101 course.  While I would recommend it to beginning bloggers, the assignments were tasks I had either already tackled or ones that would take my blogs in a direction I did not wish to pursue.  So here we are, back to our regularly unscheduled, sporadic programming.

Being on a night shift schedule seems to leave me with less spare time.  By the time we get up, tend to Maggie, have breakfast and perhaps run an errand, it just about time to get back here and go on duty. True, I have a window of three to four hours at night (like right now) on my own, but these hours are spent working my part-time virtual assistant gig, paying bills, taking care of other personal business, etc.  Rarely are my solo hours a blank palette for creativeness or just goofing off playing solitaire.   

Toss into that schedule about two days of feeling fairly punky, and I have been AWOL from Blogland.  Some days I simply . . . got ‘nuttin.

So!  Since last time I ventured here, I had a hair appointment (yay! for a shape-up) and took a couple of hours one evening for a “me” errand off the property while Dave stayed here.  Gotta get off the property now and then for a bit of fun and be around other like-minded folks.

It’s interesting how food available in markets and the quality of produce varies from place to place.  We are finding that produce here is not the same quality as in New Jersey, especially lettuce.  One thing we do enjoy is fresh pasta, not the kind that comes in a box off the shelf.  Well, this is the first place we had not been able to find such and, let me tell you, we were ready for a nice plate of fettuccini Alfredo.  We could find fresh (refrigerated, that is) ravioli here but not fettuccini or linguini, even of the same major brand.  Weird.  Heck, even the Walmart up in Jersey had this, so we were perplexed why we couldn’t find it here in any of the stores.  We chalked it up to differences in culinary habits of different regions; after all, we are in the South now.  Too, the area where we are is a bit . . . umm . . . industrial?  other side of the tracks?  not as up-market?  On mentioning the lack of fresh pasta to our facility manager here, he reminded me of another market, Harris Teeter, over in the neighboring town. 

Tuesday evening I dashed over to HT and . . . oh . . . my . . . goodness!  I called Dave from the store after scoring two packages of pasta and told him, “This is a real grocery store!”  Fresh-baked artisan bread – they even had a kiosk just for that.  Honest to goodness meat and seafood counter where you can point to something and say, “Yes, please, I’d like that one.”  Scored several items that we had not seen here yet. 

The clientele was definitely more upscale and so were the prices, so we won’t be purchasing our toilet paper from there.  Ha!  For specialty items, though, it is a godsend in what has been so far a barren landscape devoid of yummies for the tummies.  On arriving in the parking lot, I remembered that we had been there once during our stay here in 2010.  I can see a monthly stock-up trip on future calendars.

Dinner Wednesday night?  Breaded chicken breasts and fettuccini Alfredo.  Yes, folks, I cooked and we actually partook of dinner together, a rarity in our time here. 

Let’s see . . . Dave spotted the two rogue dogs on the property Saturday,  thankfully out in the hinterlands and not in our personal space up front.  Still, it’s head on a swivel and I do have items on my person to defend myself when on solo duty at night.   We had Friday night chess and were slated to match wits again Sunday evening, but things were a bit busy around here (issues with the company trucks and a potential parker in the lot out front) and we rescheduled our chess time for Monday evening. 

Dave finally met up with the local bike club Sunday and truly enjoyed cycling in a group again.  He didn’t really have that up in NJ except at races.  He had hung out with this SC group during the two months we were here in 2010.  Yay for Dave!

This afternoon my Reiki table came out of the basement and I set it up in the our office suite. 

Reiki table in office suite 01292015

The table’s covering is a nice purple, but I always put this blanket on it.

Dave was the recipient of a half-hour session this evening.  While benefitting the person on the table, I also reap the positive effects of performing Reiki.  Dim the lights, put on my fave Reiki CD and away we go!  I purchased this table over 10 years ago when my Reiki work starting blossoming.  The frame is aircraft aluminum and very lightweight but sturdy.  While the legs are adjustable for height, the variance in adjustment is based on my height.  After watching other folks  struggle with heavy wooden tables, I knew I needed one I could easily transport.  Did a lot of research and found Astra-Lite.  It was a bit more expensive than others but I also knew I would buy only one Reiki table in my lifetime.   I tell ya, this table looks and performs just as it did when it was delivered all those years ago. 

It folds flat and and has a soft-sided bag but, even so, it takes up a bit of space in our RV basement.  Thing is . . . I’d ditch most of my clothes and a lot of other things before this baby and I would part company.  Who knows?  One of these days I may teach or see clients again . . . In the meantime, it’s back in its bag propped up against a wall here in the office awaiting the next session.

Discovered today that my Reiki site is not accessible via iPhones, although it can be viewed on laptops.  Apparently there have been upgrades to the site design software, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, which boils down to my having to go with the new version. (The old version is to be phased out in the near future.)  This means I will have to start over and build my site again from scratch.  sigh  Another project on the board for me.  Ah well, it’s a a labor of love.

I spent a lot of time building my site and, while it will be work to create a new one, I do enjoy this sort of thing.  I’ll just put on my geek cap and get into it.  Sometime in the near future, but not tonight.  I become rather immersed in a project like this, so it will have to be when I have a block of free evenings or a weekend to devote to it.

Okay.  Enough.  I’m outta here.  Thanks for taking the time to catch up with me!

“All things in the world are two.  In our minds we are two, good and evil.  With our eyes we see two things, things that are fair and things that are ugly . . . We  have the right hand that strikes and makes for evil, and we have the left hand full of kindness, near the heart.  One foot may lead us to an evil way, the other foot may lead us to a good.  So are all things two, all two.”

– Letakots-Lesa (Gray Eagle Chief), Pawnee, 19th century

365 Days of Walking the Red Road

Thanks for stopping by!


I am a Warrior

The above bracelet is a Toby and Max design

Daily Posts? Ha! Who Was I Kidding?

I guess there just aren’t enough hours in my days to crank out a daily post.  Oh well.  I’m here right now, and now is all that truly matters, eh?

Recent WordPress Blogging 101 assignments are ones I have already performed prior to the course or ones that involve changes to this blog that I really do not care to make.

I published my “About” page a while back.  I don’t know that I can label it as enthralling, but hopefully it is not boring.

Pre sunrise sky 01102015

Dawn sky seen on patrol the other morning

One of the assignments was to experiment with different themes.  Okay, I spent some time previewing several options but have decided to stick with what I’ve got.  The only other ones that slightly appealed to me involved a fee to access, and I am just not going there.

Widgets?  Well . . . been there, done that on my previous Blogger blogs.  I have monetized (made only a few cents here and there), incorporated widgets relating to my interests and associations, links to other blogs, etc.  When setting up the current Blogger and WordPress sites, I wanted to go in a new direction of keeping it simple and relatively “clean-looking.”  Hence, you will not see a bunch of widgets.  I will say that personally I find more (free) customization options available via Blogger.  At this point in time, I am not interested in sharing via social media, so you won’t see any “share” buttons.

I am also finding that some of the customization that I might want to do on the WP site involves upgrading the site to a Premium account and, again, I am just not in the market to pay for a blog.

Sunset 01042015

Recent sunset

The truth of the matter is that at this point in my life I have less time to manage a complex blog or any sort of commerce-related website.  Two jobs, husband, dog and all the day-to-day things that need to be done . . . plus squeezing in some “fun” time with said spouse and pup and on my own . . . well, heck.  I simply do not have the mental or physical energy to sit here forcing myself to be creative or to manage ecommerce . . . which does take time and attention, as I know from experience.  Been there, done that.

Of course, that’s all subject to change in the future, right?

For the time being, my blogs are for me to have some fun, to serve as an outlet for my writing indulgences and to capture snapshots, if you will, of my life.

Moonrise 1 01062015

Recent moonrise

We enjoyed chess each evening over the weekend.  Those are special evenings, battling wits across the chessboard with soft music in the background and shared quiet laughter with our wee Maggie keeping us company snuggled up on the daybed.  Yeah, I really like our chess nights. 

Remember the dogs I mentioned the other day?  Dave spotted them on the property again Saturday, albeit away from our “personal space.”  He chased them in the patrol truck, honking at them, and they skedaddled off the property.  Perhaps they’ll get the hint that they are not welcome here.  Nasty-looking dogs, not ones you want to attempt to befriend.

The rain started in the wee hours overnight and is forecast to continue until Thursday, with a bit of freezing drizzle/rain Wednesday morning when the mercury takes a dive again.  Right now it is extremely foggy out; it’s so thick our RV is disappearing in the mist . . . and it’s just right across a small street from the office here.

“Honor the sacred.  Honor the Earth – our Mother.  Honor the Elders.  Honor  all with whom we share the Earth:  Four-legged, two-legged, winged ones, swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people.  Walk in balance and beauty.”

– Anonymous Native American elder

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