A Gentle Reminder from Mother Nature


Snow morning of 04262017

View out my office window this morning!

Mother Nature is giving us a wee reminder of what Winter will be like here in northern Minnesota, so we’ll have time to prepare before the cold and seriously snowy months roll around later this year. 

We are on the waiting list for a detached garage.  There was one available when we reserved our townhome, but we didn’t take it.  We still had the truck (which was too big for the garage), we weren’t sure of our expenses, and so on. Hindsight is a lovely, precise 20/20, eh?  Wishing now I had included it.  Not only for the car, but for the bikes and other “garage” stuff that we have stashed away inside here.  We’re 3rd on the waiting list and hoping we’ll have the car snug inside before Winter kicks in.

Our vehicle was always garaged when we lived in Hibbing, MN 10 years ago.  If we don’t get a garage, I’ll need to study up again on the best ways for de-icing the car doors, windows, etc.  We had to do this in New Jersey, so it will just be a matter of refreshing the memory … and skills.  Hopefully won’t have to do that, though.

Our front porch and door is exposed to the North.  And the North wind.  Ha!  This morning, even with the small amount of snowfall we were having, there was a wee drift in the corner by the storm door.

So I’m thinking, “What if we get a blizzard with a foot or more of snow?  We’ll have a huge drift right here at the door! Might be tricky getting out.  Better get a shovel or something so we can dig our way out if we can get the door open a bit.”  Even though they did come clear the sidewalks a bit this morning, we’ll still want a shovel to tidy up our porch and sidewalk in front of our unit.

Snow afternoon 04262017

Here we are around 4:30 PM today

Even though today’s event is unexpected and a bit of a nuisance so late in the year, Momma is presenting us with a mild drill so we can be thinking about these things and preparing for later when Old Man Winter settles in.

I need to start a “Get for Winter” list.  Seriously.

On the domestic front, Dave got his computer desk and chair in place yesterday.  Drapes for that room should be arriving tomorrow (had to order them; can’t find pinch pleat drapes anywhere in stores around here).  If they are okay, I’ll order the same kind for the living room.  One of the 2 recliners we purchased had ongoing issues, so that was taken away today with a replacement on tap to arrive next week.  The other chair is heavenly, but this one was just not right in several ways. 

We’ve spent a good part of today finding places for our treasures that go on the walls.

Workspace 04262017

Painting by my aunt Margaret, given to me by her years ago. It brings a sense of peace, comfort, and the joy of animal companionship.

Puma over entry 04262017

Cougar was gifted to me about 15 years ago by my Reiki mentor in Austin.  It has hung over every entryway since then, even in our RV.

Baby and Maggie 04262017

Baby was with us during our Hibbing, MN days and boarded with sled dogs while I spent Winter 2005-2006 with Dave in Scotland.  Maggie had her share of “snow days” in our New Jersey years.  Both our girls loved snow! (Sorry about the reflection on the photos.)

This storm started with an awesome sleet/ice storm last night shortly after we hit the blankies.  Such a sound on the windows!  It’s been snowing since we opened the blinds this morning and is still coming down.  The temperature today won’t get to the freezing mark, but will be warmer after that with sunshine for Friday.  Next week is looking good again with pleasant temps and a prolonged reappearance of Mr. Sun.

Hope your days are sunny and pleasant!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be safe out there, okay?


It Must Be a Totally Awesome Door . . .

First, I’ll take a minute to answer Susan’s question in the comments from my last post. An RV park in Bryan, TX will be our initial, and perhaps long-term, landing spot. I would really like to be closer to Brenham, but there is only 1 park there, and the most recent reviews on it were less than stellar.

Brenham really could use a decent RV park. I believe there would be enough business from overnighters, sightseers to the area and snowbirds to keep a good park ticking over. Anyone out there interested? Let us know if you want to put one in; we’ll run it for you! (In my dreams . . .)


I have believed for many years that when one door in Life closes, another opens. Actually, I have known this to be true from personal Life experiences. I also know that everything happens for a reason in our lives. These are two concepts I pass along to my Reiki students.

One could easily say these two beliefs are being tested these days. I was notified today that my virtual assistant job is ending due to the project coordinator leaving the company. 

That was just a wee bit of a bolt out of the blue.

So . . . our security work ends October 1, my VA (virtual assistant) job of 2 years is gone (at least for the moment; I’m sure I will be contacted should they have projects in the future) and we’re being forced back to Texas so we can continue to have health insurance coverage.

Must be one heck of a door that’s gonna open, eh?

I had decided not to begin the job search for medical transcription employment until we land in Texas with the reasoning that I want to be available to begin work immediately upon receipt of an offer and to arrange for cable Internet service if needed. I think what I may do is follow the same path for the VA work, too. We have only a bit over a week before we depart this location and then 12 days of travel. I think I’ll take this time to rest, recharge my spiritual and creative batteries and enjoy our trip back to the Lone Star State.

Well, I actually do have an interview for another VA gig tomorrow, a possible opportunity that arose a few weeks ago. We’ll see how that goes. If it’s a match, I will, of course, jump on it.

These two job endings could be seen as setbacks and/or negative happenings and I could be very discouraged.

I am, however, hopeful.


Well, yeah, really, when I get in touch once again with my core beliefs.

I can see – envision – our new direction. I can see me doing medical transcription again, making a decent living and our having a laid-back and pleasant life, perhaps with Dave eventually doing some work for our site/pay somewhere. Yes, an enjoyable life, even in Texas.  (gasp)

I did it before, and my original plan (when contemplating going full-time as a solo back in 2003/2004) was to take my job as an MT on the road. At that time, I was a home-based MT living in Brenham. Sure, I put in a lot of hours at the keyboard, but I paid my bills and had enough left over to attend yoga classes once a week, have an occasional lunch out, keep my hair cut regularly, etc.  My critters never went hungry and neither did I. I also did more than just sit at the keyboard. Much, much more – cycled, camped now and then, did volunteer work, walked, took care of my yard and home, attended drum circles, taught Reiki on weekends, hung out with friends . . . you get the picture.

Why not have all that again? Well, not specifically those things perhaps (although I sure would dig hooking up with a groovy drum circle and I do miss teaching Reiki), but a well-rounded life with a profession I enjoy.


So, no, “Oh man, why is this happening?” but instead, “Wow. This is a whole new beginning!”

I can’t wait to see the reason for all this.

It’s going to be freakin’ awesome!

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Rest Day 2.5 – Meridian / Marion, MS

Gosh, what did we do yesterday?  Dave got in a 45-mile bike ride yesterday (Sunday), starting fairly early in the morning to be off the road before the day’s heat came on.  He’s really enjoying the cycling here.  The rest of the day?  Vacuumed our living room since we seem to track in some grass here, even with taking off our shoes upon entering.  I worked my virtual assistant (VA) job a bit and we had a nice dinner of a couple of catfish fillets I picked up the other day. 

We were also awaiting the arrival of two friends and former Reiki students of mine from my days of living in Brenham, TX.  Paul and Ann have a 1993 Bounder Class A and are in the process of moving from Texas to Virginia.  They are en route to VA and decided to stop here overnight. 


In the late afternoon, Paul informed me their ETA was 8:20 and, sure enough, my phone said it was 8:21 PM when they rolled into the park.  That’s what I call precise!

Assigned to the site next to us, we had a bit of time to visit before calling it a night.

Benchmark Coach and RV Park Paul and Ann McKinley next door 06212015

We resumed our visiting this morning prior to their heading on down the road a bit ago.  Sure was good to see them again and we appreciate them taking the time to stop here with us.  Did my soul good to be with friends for a bit. 

Although our laundry hamper wasn’t full, I got that caught up with an early trip to the laundry room here this morning.  Again, an early start means not having to deal with that in the heat of the day.  Yay!  Dave also was out on the bike early for one final ride here this morning, clocking 35 miles and back well before it really gets warm. 

The rest of today?  I’ll probably work my VA job a bit, do some major chilling out and then it’s chicken fajitas at home for tonight’s dinner.  We have one more day here after today and then will be back on the road Wednesday.

There are two things about this park that I’ll classify as negatives . . .

  • The dumpster is too small and has been overflowing since our arrival Saturday.  Okay, it was the weekend, but it is almost 1 PM and has not been serviced today (Monday).  There are a few long-term residents here and the park has been virtually full each night with overnighters stopping in.  A larger dumpster is obviously required.  This really is not an expensive thing to do and certainly is an aesthetic as well as health issue that is absolutely an easy fix.
  • The restroom facilities are designed well and there are two of the “suites” as I’ll call them . . . toilet and shower facilities in a large private room.  Again, well designed and essentially nice.  But.  They are not serviced frequently or regularly enough.  Although not quite to the point of  icky and disgusting, I will say that I’m glad I don’t have to  use them.

There really is  no excuse for either of these situations.  The park is otherwise totally acceptable and we are enjoying our stay here.  Well, except for the fact that we’re up front and the window I’m looking out while typing this is a dead-straight view of the overflowing dumpster. 

Would we stay here again?  Oh probably.  The park is fine overall, it is convenient to amenities (groceries, etc.), the cycling is good, there is WiFi and cable, sites are level concrete and the rate is very reasonable.

At any rate, we are very much savoring our down time here.  It is so nice to have the chance to chill. It’s also been great to have  had friends passing by who took the time and effort to hook up with us.

Life is guid!

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Rising to the Challenge

Thank you, Phyllis and Jerry, for your encouraging words on my last post.  Ya’ll know me pretty darn well, recognizing and reminding me that I am a Warrior who thrives on challenges and for pointing out that the one presenting itself to me currently is to not only survive but to thrive in our current situation.  Here are my challenges:

  • Stay mentally stimulated
  • Remain spiritually awakened
  • Focus on positive aspects of my life and circumstances
  • Continue to nurture friendships and stay in touch
  • Integrate physical activity to these surroundings
  • Get off the property as feasible for interaction with others and as stimuli for all of the above

I have the resources to accomplish all the above and am already engaging in most of them.  I think what I need to do is be mindful of these goals every day and set my intention for each.

Just now I had a thought – “Is this what the newly retired grapple with after leaving the workforce?  That sense of lack of purpose, of direction?”  Yoinks!  Thing is, we are not retired but are working, so I do not  have the luxury of an open Life canvas.  So!  What I will try to do is paint my canvas within its confines – that is, working night shift seven days a week.

Staying mentally stimulated will be easier once my virtual assistant job resumes.  Right now I am in a holding pattern awaiting the next task on the project.  This lull has given me the opportunity to prepare and submit our 2014 taxes and to redesign my Reiki web site.  I have had the domain for at least a decade and even though I am not teaching at the current moment, I still maintain the domain.  One never knows what the future holds, and I do not want to relinquish the domain name.  The web builder software has been upgraded and my old site would at some point in the near future be inaccessible, so this needed to be done.  There may be some more fine tuning, but it is pretty much there.  Not thrilled with the prospect of a revamp (I really liked my previous design), I have to admit the new version has a more updated look . . . a more “going with the times” look.  Figuring I was on a “tech geek roll,” I did some tweaking of my Blogger blog.  If you are viewing the Blogger version of this post, you’ll notice it now includes a blog roll of sites I follow.  Our weekend chess sessions also help in this regard for both Dave and I, and we enjoy matching wits over the chessboard.  I do read and am currently returning to some of the books I kept from my fairly extensive library way back when . . . ones that feed my spirituality and give me pause to think and contemplate.

Remaining spiritually awakened is, I believe, a habit of remaining mindful and taking the time for meditation and other practices.  A deep spirituality is still very much part of my being, but I neglect it too often.  Like relationships, it needs nurturing.  This was a bit easier in surroundings which gifted me with the beauty of Mother Nature and her creatures, but I’ll work with what I’ve got.  Ha!

Focusing on the positive is a choice, so my intention (you remember that word, eh?) will be to choose to recognize the many positive aspects and blessings in my life and surroundings.  Sticking to the topics of our environment and situation, here’s a few:

  • A steady paycheck that is adequate for our needs with a bit left over.
  • We have our privacy and quiet, especially on weekends:  We’re not sandwiched between other RVs in a campground.  We can open our curtains without the possibility of curious eyes peeking in.  I can play my music as loud as I want (on weekends) when cleaning house, etc.. 
  • We have our washer and dryer on-site.
  • There are no drama queens in our workforce; no drama to the job and really no stress.
  • We have an office suite and restroom/shower facilities for our use.
  • The skies are more open here.
  • We are not micromanaged; actually, we’re not “managed” at all.  We just do our job.
  • Our RV home is under less stress in this more temperate climate.
  • There’s no road salt to wash off the truck after snowy winters.
  • Dave doesn’t have to get snow off our roof or change out propane bottles every 24 hours during Winter.
  • We don’t have to be concerned with slipping on ice.
  • The distance to get our propane tanks refilled is much closer.
  • We are finding the cost of living (so far) is a bit lower (on some items).
  • I don’t have to wear snow boots with cleats three months out of the year.

Continuing to nurture friendships is both easy and dicey.  Exchanging emails or yapping on the phone is easy with friends.  They’re friends, right, so it’s easy-peasy.  Living a nocturnal existence makes it a bit tricky at times, because most people live a “normal” schedule and are sleeping when it’s my “afternoon/evening.”  Still, there are weekly, every couple of weeks and monthly phone chats with longstanding friends.  Laughing, sharing and simply hearing their voices does my soul a world of good.  There’s the girlfriend of decades playing Words with Friends with me; we exchange messages now and then which doesn’t seem like much, but it is a daily connection.  There are all the folks on Facebook with whom I interact frequently.  “Are those real friends?” you may ask.  Well, yes, actually, they are.  There’s my godmother, the cousin I hadn’t been in touch with for decades, people I have been with in person over the years and those who have become friends and pals through sharing mutual interests, philosophies and activities via social media.  There is you, Awesome Reader of my ramblings, and those whose blogs I follow.  It’s pretty cool how one gets to know folks by reading each other’s blogs and commenting back and forth.  Long and short (probably too long) is that friendships require nurturing to keep them fresh.  This is a true labor of love and the rewards are . . . well, priceless.

Integrating physical activity is probably the kicker item in the list.  The everyday routine opportunities for physical work (mowing, gardening, walking, even shoveling snow) are simply not available here as they were in New Jersey.  It’s time to get a routine going for the bike on the stationary trainer, to dig out that Tai Chi DVD and, of course, continue my wall push-ups.

Getting off the property for fun and rejuvenation is something I do need to strive for a bit more, as we are very isolated here and have virtually no contact with others.  I confess, however, that after running two or three errands during the week, I am content to just stay put.  Yeah, I know, I need to get my hiney in the truck, crank up my tunes to “blow out the windows” volume and go for a drive.  I’m thinking 50 miles down the interstate, turn around and come back.  Well, okay, given the time constraints of our work schedule, I’ll settle for 30 miles.  Well, maybe 40.  I could do 40.  

So there you have it.  Challenges and a plan.  An intention, if you will.  I can do this.  May not be easy every day, but that’s why it’s called a challenge.

Today’s quote below speaks to me on a spiritual level somehow . . .

“To clothe a man falsely is only to distress his spirit . . . “

– Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux, 1868-1937

365 Days of Walking the Red Road

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I am a Warrior

The above bracelet is a Toby and Max design




Yes, I’m Still Here and This is a Long One

I totally bailed out of the WordPress Blogging 101 course.  While I would recommend it to beginning bloggers, the assignments were tasks I had either already tackled or ones that would take my blogs in a direction I did not wish to pursue.  So here we are, back to our regularly unscheduled, sporadic programming.

Being on a night shift schedule seems to leave me with less spare time.  By the time we get up, tend to Maggie, have breakfast and perhaps run an errand, it just about time to get back here and go on duty. True, I have a window of three to four hours at night (like right now) on my own, but these hours are spent working my part-time virtual assistant gig, paying bills, taking care of other personal business, etc.  Rarely are my solo hours a blank palette for creativeness or just goofing off playing solitaire.   

Toss into that schedule about two days of feeling fairly punky, and I have been AWOL from Blogland.  Some days I simply . . . got ‘nuttin.

So!  Since last time I ventured here, I had a hair appointment (yay! for a shape-up) and took a couple of hours one evening for a “me” errand off the property while Dave stayed here.  Gotta get off the property now and then for a bit of fun and be around other like-minded folks.

It’s interesting how food available in markets and the quality of produce varies from place to place.  We are finding that produce here is not the same quality as in New Jersey, especially lettuce.  One thing we do enjoy is fresh pasta, not the kind that comes in a box off the shelf.  Well, this is the first place we had not been able to find such and, let me tell you, we were ready for a nice plate of fettuccini Alfredo.  We could find fresh (refrigerated, that is) ravioli here but not fettuccini or linguini, even of the same major brand.  Weird.  Heck, even the Walmart up in Jersey had this, so we were perplexed why we couldn’t find it here in any of the stores.  We chalked it up to differences in culinary habits of different regions; after all, we are in the South now.  Too, the area where we are is a bit . . . umm . . . industrial?  other side of the tracks?  not as up-market?  On mentioning the lack of fresh pasta to our facility manager here, he reminded me of another market, Harris Teeter, over in the neighboring town. 

Tuesday evening I dashed over to HT and . . . oh . . . my . . . goodness!  I called Dave from the store after scoring two packages of pasta and told him, “This is a real grocery store!”  Fresh-baked artisan bread – they even had a kiosk just for that.  Honest to goodness meat and seafood counter where you can point to something and say, “Yes, please, I’d like that one.”  Scored several items that we had not seen here yet. 

The clientele was definitely more upscale and so were the prices, so we won’t be purchasing our toilet paper from there.  Ha!  For specialty items, though, it is a godsend in what has been so far a barren landscape devoid of yummies for the tummies.  On arriving in the parking lot, I remembered that we had been there once during our stay here in 2010.  I can see a monthly stock-up trip on future calendars.

Dinner Wednesday night?  Breaded chicken breasts and fettuccini Alfredo.  Yes, folks, I cooked and we actually partook of dinner together, a rarity in our time here. 

Let’s see . . . Dave spotted the two rogue dogs on the property Saturday,  thankfully out in the hinterlands and not in our personal space up front.  Still, it’s head on a swivel and I do have items on my person to defend myself when on solo duty at night.   We had Friday night chess and were slated to match wits again Sunday evening, but things were a bit busy around here (issues with the company trucks and a potential parker in the lot out front) and we rescheduled our chess time for Monday evening. 

Dave finally met up with the local bike club Sunday and truly enjoyed cycling in a group again.  He didn’t really have that up in NJ except at races.  He had hung out with this SC group during the two months we were here in 2010.  Yay for Dave!

This afternoon my Reiki table came out of the basement and I set it up in the our office suite. 

Reiki table in office suite 01292015

The table’s covering is a nice purple, but I always put this blanket on it.

Dave was the recipient of a half-hour session this evening.  While benefitting the person on the table, I also reap the positive effects of performing Reiki.  Dim the lights, put on my fave Reiki CD and away we go!  I purchased this table over 10 years ago when my Reiki work starting blossoming.  The frame is aircraft aluminum and very lightweight but sturdy.  While the legs are adjustable for height, the variance in adjustment is based on my height.  After watching other folks  struggle with heavy wooden tables, I knew I needed one I could easily transport.  Did a lot of research and found Astra-Lite.  It was a bit more expensive than others but I also knew I would buy only one Reiki table in my lifetime.   I tell ya, this table looks and performs just as it did when it was delivered all those years ago. 

It folds flat and and has a soft-sided bag but, even so, it takes up a bit of space in our RV basement.  Thing is . . . I’d ditch most of my clothes and a lot of other things before this baby and I would part company.  Who knows?  One of these days I may teach or see clients again . . . In the meantime, it’s back in its bag propped up against a wall here in the office awaiting the next session.

Discovered today that my Reiki site is not accessible via iPhones, although it can be viewed on laptops.  Apparently there have been upgrades to the site design software, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, which boils down to my having to go with the new version. (The old version is to be phased out in the near future.)  This means I will have to start over and build my site again from scratch.  sigh  Another project on the board for me.  Ah well, it’s a a labor of love.

I spent a lot of time building my site and, while it will be work to create a new one, I do enjoy this sort of thing.  I’ll just put on my geek cap and get into it.  Sometime in the near future, but not tonight.  I become rather immersed in a project like this, so it will have to be when I have a block of free evenings or a weekend to devote to it.

Okay.  Enough.  I’m outta here.  Thanks for taking the time to catch up with me!

“All things in the world are two.  In our minds we are two, good and evil.  With our eyes we see two things, things that are fair and things that are ugly . . . We  have the right hand that strikes and makes for evil, and we have the left hand full of kindness, near the heart.  One foot may lead us to an evil way, the other foot may lead us to a good.  So are all things two, all two.”

– Letakots-Lesa (Gray Eagle Chief), Pawnee, 19th century

365 Days of Walking the Red Road

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I am a Warrior

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A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

Today’s writing prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress

My oasis once was a physical place and I lived in it.  This was my home in Brenham, Texas as it became following my breast cancer and subsequent dissolution of my marriage in 2002.  Previously having been really just a structure I inhabited, it transformed into my oasis during the healing process that followed those two major life events.  Although I moved from there in 2005 and sold the property, it remains the sanctuary I visit in my mind and soul during meditation or times of needing to reconnect with who I am.

313 W Main front

Exterior of the front.  The living room looked out of those floor-to-ceiling windows and was where I held Reiki classes.  The entire front of the home was devoted to Reiki work.

I envision myself in the living room, standing barefoot on the cool concrete floor in my power spot facing those big windows, doing a standing meditation; this was my ritual which I performed prior to the arrival of students or clients in preparing the space.  Other times I will visualize one of the many evenings I spent snuggled in the Papasan Chair meditating by candlelight . . . quite possibly with my dog Baby in my lap and Snookums, my cat, on my shoulder.  It was one of the few scenarios when those two would be that close to one another in tolerance and tranquility.

313 W Main LR

Living room which became my Reiki studio.  Blankets and pillows would be spread on the floor in front of the windows for classes.

There were times of personal struggle, sorrow and physical pain in this home; however, what blossomed out of that was a sanctuary as I healed, grew, became empowered and found peace and ultimately joy.  There was a lot of me in that structure, too, as I gave it a “facelift” in tearing out carpets, refinishing floors, painting the interior, performing minor repairs and performing ongoing yard maintenance. 

In nurturing my home, it nurtured me.

That is my Oasis, where my Spirit returns in times of needing strengthening and reconnection to who I am.

Where is your Oasis?

“Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission.  This is the Indian theory of existence.”

– Mourning Dove (Christine Quintasket), Salish, 1888-1936

365 Days of Walking the Red Road

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I am a Warrior.


Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

WordPress Ebook:  365 Days of Writing Prompts


The first thing I want to do is give a shout out to Jerry over at Waggin Tails RV for turning me on to The Daily Post at WordPress and unknowingly giving me a bit of a kick in the pants to write more.  Thanks, my friend!

So . . . I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, per se.  I do put forth intentions (oh my!  there’s that word again!) to the Universe.

Is a “resolution” the same as an “intention”?   Hmmm . . . yes and no?

Here is a definition of “resolution” = a firm decision to do or not to do something.


How about “intention” = 1)  a thing intended; an aim or plan, and 2) (in medicine) the healing process of a wound.

A “firm decision” sounds rather inflexible when it relates to goals I would  like to accomplish during a year.  I know from personal experience that Life can throw humdinger curveballs, disrupting the firmest-laid plans.

I much prefer going with the flow, if you will.  My intentions are tossed out there and, while the basic concepts are firm, they are able to bend in the breezes of Life.

So, no, I do not make New Year’s resolutions.

I have to say the second definition of “intention” resonates with me as a Reiki Master. 

The very word “resolution” sounds more concrete, unyielding and stern versus the word “intention,” which brings to mind of coming from one’s soul or Spirit.  Perhaps it is my Reiki background, but when I put forth an intention, I am asking the Great Spirit and the Universe for support, guidance and assistance in accomplishing my goal.

Intentions for this year?  I am participating in one this very moment in visiting with you here, and it touches on both writing more and nurturing my spiritual being. 

Thanks also to my wonderful and supportive husband for this totally awesome Christmas present  . . .

Journal 01012015

Being 5” x 7” in size, this journal now goes with me everywhere

There have been times when I have had a thoughts to be blogged or incorporated into a writing project but, alas, by the time I have gotten back to my laptop whoosh! the thoughts had disappeared.  My new little journal buddy accompanies me to the office, back to the rig and is on my nightstand when I snuggle into bed.  The pages inside are lined, making writing (and reading) easier, there are two pen slots inside the cover and I love the feel of the journal.  Although it is brand new, it has the comfortable feel of that favorite sweater . . . you know what I mean.  Yes, we’re good buddies already.

Another treat in my stocking this Christmas was an iTunes gift card, part of which went to the download of a shamanic drumming CD.  It is Shamanic Drum by Miroslaw Miniszewski.  In prior  years, I had the luxury of participating in drum circles and gatherings and having the privilege to be in the presence of Elders and wise folks combined with solitary nurturing of my spirit.  Currently  I am not in a position to actually be with people; therefore, I am working on returning to the practice of self-nurturing of the spirit.  This CD is exactly a tool I was seeking. 

So!  To return to the original question above, just shy of the second day of 2015, I am on a path of keeping my intentions alive and well. 

Of course, it’s early days.

Have you set resolutions or intentions for 2015?  If so, how are you doing so far?


“I love a people who have always made me welcome to the best they had . . . who are honest without laws, who have no jails and no poor-houses . . . who never take the name of God in vain . . . who worship God without a Bible, and I believe God loves them also . . . who are free from religious animosities . . . who have never raised a hand against me, or stolen my property, where there is no law to punish either . . . who never fought a battle with white men except on their own ground . . . and Oh, how I love a people who don’t live for the love of money!”

– George Catlin, an American non-Native artist of the 1930s, speaking about the Native people he had encountered

January 2 – 365 Days of Walking the Red Road


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I am a Warrior.