This is what Wundermap looked like for us last night.

Storms and Front 12122015

Turned out to be a pretty wild night and early morning.  That system of storms moved through yesterday, taking all day and into the night to do so.  At 4 AM this morning, I was awakened by the first gust of the front on the left coming in.  Whew.  Glad that’s all done.  The rig was shaking and shuddering with some of the heavy wind gusts associated with both storms.  There were tornado touchdowns in Lindale and Willis, Texas.  Apparently the one in Willis flipped some RVs.

Aggieland RV Park After Storms 12132015

View from our patio this morning. Neighbor next door pulled out today, as did some others.

Although my training was going well from the company’s standpoint, I decided to resign from the medical editing job for a variety of reasons.  I found editing to be cumbersome and disjointed and, for the life of me, I simply could not see it being a profitable means of making any sort of decent income even when I would get up to speed.  There were several other factors playing into this which I won’t get into here, so let’s just say it wasn’t for me.  I think I am just too much of a medical transcription purist.  It is sad to see that professional being reduced in both skills required and compensation.  When you dread going to work, it’s obviously not a good match.  I had navigation of the platform conquered and my skills as a medical transcriptionist were absolutely spot on and never in question.  It’s the editing, the way it is done and the “face”of that job today.  It’s just not for me.

If I want to venture back into that arena again in the future, I’ll seek out a smaller company which still does straight transcription, true medical transcription.  Those jobs are few and far between, but there are still some out there at this point.  For now, I’m done with it.

I will say that I cannot recommend anyone putting in the time, effort and expense to go through training for medical editing and to think of it as a viable way to make a living.  A least not without too much time spent with job-related activities that are not compensated (and therefore it will be a struggle to realize a viable income) and to live with a good deal of stress.

Okay.  That’s my viewpoint.

I agonized over the decision for days, perhaps even a couple of weeks.  I picked up a second virtual assistant client last weekend, and that cemented my decision. 


I now have two VA clients and am hopeful these will be long-term relationships.  I resigned the MT job and next day devoted myself entirely to my VA clients. 

I actually had fun!  I felt like a weight had been lifted off me.  I was thinking, being a bit creative, learning new platforms and being intellectually stimulated while enjoying myself.  I was productive and energized.  I also made some $$.  I felt like I had a brain again.

It’s been a busy week in that regard, changing gears and setting up some systems (Dropbox, etc.) for work, organizing my email inboxes, phone call meetings, etc.  It’s been work, but I am enjoying it.  I enjoy the interaction with my clients and colleagues.

Perhaps – and hopefully – I have found my niche for this stage of my life.

Dave continues to enjoy his job, and we continue to await word on whether or not he’ll be kept on.  It is a seasonal position, but it would be great if they had a spot for him on a permanent basis.  We’re in a nice groove with the routine and schedule.

Two techs from the RV dealer came out a couple of days ago, dropped the rig’s underbelly and determined the type/brand of gray tank that needs to be ordered.  Seeing as it has to be shipped from Indiana and the holidays are pretty much here, we’re doubtful it will be installed before Christmas.

Now that we’re in a decent environment, we are doing a few things that need attention.  One of those was removal of pine sap spots from our truck which we acquired in May.  Rubbing alcohol and cotton makeup pads did the trick!  Dave did a superb job and our truck looks great again.  So glad that nastiness came off with no ill effects on the truck’s paint.  We are close to the water hookup here, so Dave got a 6-foot hose and some insulation in preparation for heat tracing it now that colder weather will be imminent.  The longer hose is great to have a spare for washing the rig, dog, patio, whatever.

Since I’m caught up on work pretty much today, I may go ahead and put out a few decorations inside.  Or not.  We’ll see.  Hate to put up decorations and then have to take them down if we get the rig into the shop before Christmas.  I’ll see if I can put up some things in such a way that they could remain in place if we boogie down the road to the shop.  We might as well add a bit of holiday cheer and festiveness to our home, eh?

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by, and stay safe out there!