Travel Day 17 – We Have Landed!

MP KOA our site 03272015


Whew!  I am tired and so is Dave.  It has been a looooong day.  We traveled just under 62 miles from the park in Texarkana to the KOA in Mount Pleasant, arriving between noon and 1 PM.  It took us more time than usual to set up, as we were doing so with a view to being in place for a prolonged period again.  We also now have a king pin stabilizer, new tire covers and a “real” water filter, so these were additions to the setup routine.  Our site is #4, which is right at the front of the park across from the office.  In fact, I can see the office parking lot from the side slide window in the living room.  It’s not a bad site and the logical one for managers.  We’re as bang on level as it gets, and I can tell the difference with the stabilizer on the front.  Nice.

Dave set up both our chairs in front; the photo was taken before he got the second one in place.  He hung some pictures back on the walls while I got his laptop online.

We have so much to do in setting up house again after traveling for over two weeks.  As mentioned before,  I will eventually have to figure out a better arrangement for a lot of things, including our laptops and printer.  Right now I’m at the dining table and Dave is using his laptop in his . . . lap.  Ah well, these things will come.

There has been so much rain here . . . I was told they have received 21 inches of rain so far this year here. 

MP KOA 03272015

Our site is across the street to the left of the office

We have cable. Yay!  We have Turner Classic Movies!  Yay-yay!

Not that I’ll have a lot of time to watch TV in the near future.  We start work tomorrow at 8 AM,  which is the same time we opened the office up in New Jersey.  It will be a period of learning and getting familiar with the park and the area for a while. 

With that in mind, I’m outta here for tonight.  Did I mention I’m tired? 

“If we could have spared more, we would have given more . . .”

– Canassatego, Onondaga