Travel Day 16 – One More Sleep

This is our last night here in Texarkana; we move over to Mount Pleasant tomorrow.  I know I’ve said it before, but we really have enjoyed our stay at this park.   This has been the perfect environment for us to take care of what needed to be done on returning to Texas and to have time to rest a bit.  We have done both.  In fact, I nodded off in my recliner for a few minutes this afternoon.  Yay me!

The cool front did come through overnight, but we were fortunate that it wasn’t violent weather.  We awoke to steady rain which continued until the midafternoon, and the wind did pick up a bit.  Even so, we managed to get to Albertson’s and pick up a few things. 

Mr. Sun finally made a very welcome appearance later, so Dave loaded the bed of the truck in preparation for tomorrow’s departure. 

Judy, thanks for visiting our KOA Facebook page!  I have not populated details to the page such as rate ranges, but you can visit the official KOA page to find that information.  The FB page and web site are works in progress and, while high on my list, I bet I’ll be pretty darn busy the next few days learning the ropes of running the office and the campground in general.

This evening we are really just chilling out a bit, watching some PBS via our batwing (there’s no cable TV here) and putzing around. 

We’ll enjoy one more day of no alarm clocks, even though we wake reasonably early.  We’ll pack up, hitch up and roll down the road a wee ways to our new landing spot!

“Neither anger nor fear shall find lodging in your mind.”

– Dekanawidah, Iroquois, c. 1300

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