A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

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My oasis once was a physical place and I lived in it.  This was my home in Brenham, Texas as it became following my breast cancer and subsequent dissolution of my marriage in 2002.  Previously having been really just a structure I inhabited, it transformed into my oasis during the healing process that followed those two major life events.  Although I moved from there in 2005 and sold the property, it remains the sanctuary I visit in my mind and soul during meditation or times of needing to reconnect with who I am.

313 W Main front

Exterior of the front.  The living room looked out of those floor-to-ceiling windows and was where I held Reiki classes.  The entire front of the home was devoted to Reiki work.

I envision myself in the living room, standing barefoot on the cool concrete floor in my power spot facing those big windows, doing a standing meditation; this was my ritual which I performed prior to the arrival of students or clients in preparing the space.  Other times I will visualize one of the many evenings I spent snuggled in the Papasan Chair meditating by candlelight . . . quite possibly with my dog Baby in my lap and Snookums, my cat, on my shoulder.  It was one of the few scenarios when those two would be that close to one another in tolerance and tranquility.

313 W Main LR

Living room which became my Reiki studio.  Blankets and pillows would be spread on the floor in front of the windows for classes.

There were times of personal struggle, sorrow and physical pain in this home; however, what blossomed out of that was a sanctuary as I healed, grew, became empowered and found peace and ultimately joy.  There was a lot of me in that structure, too, as I gave it a “facelift” in tearing out carpets, refinishing floors, painting the interior, performing minor repairs and performing ongoing yard maintenance. 

In nurturing my home, it nurtured me.

That is my Oasis, where my Spirit returns in times of needing strengthening and reconnection to who I am.

Where is your Oasis?

“Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission.  This is the Indian theory of existence.”

– Mourning Dove (Christine Quintasket), Salish, 1888-1936

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  1. You had a lovely house in Brenham. I’ve driven past it before. My Oasis is more spiritual place than a physical place. I’ve learned to rest in the Holy Spirit and let God bring me peace.
    I love the end quote, especially the part about every person having a mission. It amazes me the number of people I meet who have no idea what there mission in life is. When asked they normally say something line ‘live life to the fullest’. That may be true but it is way to general. For those who struggle with their mission, I normally recommend they watch City Slickers to discover the Curly Principle.

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